Monday, February 06, 2006

It's Random Thoughts Monday!

I am seriously way too tired & out of it to string my thoughts together in any sort of logical manner, so you just get random thoughts today. Yay!

1. This weird little critter is a word cloud, which comes courtesy of JenLa (and also Kathy). Basically, it's a program that scans your blog for the words used most often. I'm curious what their standards are though...I mean, "doo"? Where the heck did I ever say "doo"??

2. A large part of the reason for the tired & out-of-it-ness is that my entire family decided to be sick this weekend. Dh had a raging fever last week, but after a few days it degenerated into a nasty sinus-y cold, so no big deal. He's much better now, though he still has the shniffles. Unfortunately, he also shared it with his sons (thankyouveryfreakingmuch), and they are both *still* running unpleasant fevers, after several days of high temps. I'm getting very little sleep and worrying too much, so this is plenty old now. My poor little babies are sick to death of it too, and getting more impatient with the whole thing every day (not that I blame 'em). They even declared that they're completely sick & tired of television! I gotta admit, I'm kind of secretly pleased about that one. They haven't watched too much, really, it's mostly that they haven't had the energy to do anything else, and tv gets old fairly quickly, especially when you don't actually have cable, and have to stick with videos & dvds to watch. Anyway, they're going to the doctor today, and hopefully no one will barf in the car on the way there. I sure hope the doc can do something for them...they've been feverish way too long!

3. My much-loved local yarn store absolutely rocks. Not only did they have an awesome sale this weekend, at which I spent way too much money (but considerably less than I would have without the sale!), but they recently ordered a bunch of Malabrigo Merino, all because Kathy & I asked for it! Well, it wasn't quite that simple, we really had to throw a sales pitch, and then a Malabrigo rep came out to talk to them too, but still...ask and ye shall receive!! I'm really excited...I don't know when the first shipment will come in, but who cares? It's coming! This is easily my favorite yarn, it's incredibly soft and comes in a huge range of stunning colors. Yay!!

4. I'm nearly done with my mom's purse/bag thing. Only a few rows left, and then I'll make the strap, and then felt it. It's easier than I thought it would be, and I'm really hoping she likes it (and orders more!). Once the bag is done, I think I'll move on to an actual, honest-to-God sweater. Yowza. I bought a huge pile of super-thick Brown Sheep Burly yarn, in Prairie Fire, for it...the pattern is really cute, though I can't find it online to show y'all, and it's going to be a super-warm, chunky sweater for me. I have NO idea how long it'll take me, though, especially considering the Olympics start soon. Speaking of the Olympics, I picked up the yarn for my scarf, and it's gonna be preeetty! It's an alpaca/silk blend, which just makes me feel all kinds of la-de-dah, and is a really pretty shade of cranberry. I can't wait to get started on it. Several of us are getting together on Friday for a group Olympic cast-on, which sounds goofy but promises to be fun. I tell ya, I don't know what I'd do without other yarn geeks around! I feel really blessed to have this circle of friends about me, and it really just makes the whole knitting experience that much better, when I can share it with someone who understands & actually cares. Not that my sweetie husband doesn't care, he really does, but it's not the same. Anna, Kathy, Sandiwhomustgetablogofherown, you guys rock.

5. Barfing, fevers, and lack of sleep suck. Just in case I hadn't mentioned that yet.

6. Also at the sale this weekend, I snagged a skein of the most incredible Manos ever...I think it's called Woodland, or something goofy like that. Trust me, it's even more gorgeous in person. I'll have to try to post the picture later; my computer's being cranky right now. Argh. Yay, now it works! Isn't that just stunning? I'd been admiring it for a while, and the other enablers people at the yarn store kept saying how that color would so work for me & all that. I blame them entirely. The photo doesn't do it justice,'s got these gorgeous shades of olive in there, and it just about glows. Le sigh. :)


Anna said...

I hope the babes feel better soon.

Kim said...

THis is where you said doo: :-)

Kerrie said...

I'm LMBO @ "doo". :-D

Hope those poor little guys are feeling better today!

Heather said...

HA! Kim, you're awesome! I'd completely forgotten about that post...and now I'll have the Beatles stuck in my head all day again.

The boys are doing a good deal better, though they're still sick. The barfing has stopped (THANK GOD!!) and the fevers are minor, but the cough has developed into a persistent, painful-sounding barking that's keeping my littlest one up at night. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts,'s hoping that I can find something effective at the drugstore for him today so that we might all get some sleep for a change!

Snickle said...

Heather, Buckley's has a new medicine for kids and it works wonders! The past two weeks we've had two different kinds of flu run thru our house (yep call me Dr. Snickle!) Emma got both and had a pestering the pestering bark.

By the third night she actually requested the Buckleys stuff which is a miracle cause she's the one known to hurl offending medicine into my lap (bet you wanted to read that didn't you! LOL)