Monday, June 19, 2006

I survived my HS reunion, and all I got was this kickass knitted shirt

So I made it through my high school reunion! It was the most surreal night ever...all these people I'd grown up with, but hadn't seen in a decade. They all looked like grownups, for the most part, and that was really bizarre. Most everyone is doing pretty darn well for themselves, which is good to hear, though it was sad to note just how many people have been divorced already.

I'm glad I went...all horrible nervousness aside, I'm glad I got the opportunity to see what everyone's been up to, and to show them all that I didn't go & self-destruct or anything weird like that. It was also good to realize how much *I've* grown up since then, too. I've put on a large amount of weight, which is especially awkward because I was always the really skinny one, and while I don't look bad or anything, I do feel pretty unhappy about it. I'm also really short, so the weight doesn't get distributed nearly as well as on taller people. I have to admit, for a time there I was feeling like the squat little troll next to everyone, but I'm glad that I was able to shake that off, more or less. It was also hard going in there without a fabulous career. Several of my friends are doing incredible things, and are really successful in their respective careers, and I am SO happy for them for that! Unfortunately, saying "yeah, I'm a mom" doesn't get quite the wow effect that most jobs get. It was interesting to see what others expected of me, too. One guy was absolutely certain I'd be a vet by now! I have to admit, that's really flattering, in a weird sort of way.

It's good to know that I have done a few things right since high school. I've got two adorable, frightfully intelligent little boys, and I've got the ability & skill to homeschool the little weasels. I've got a gorgeous husband who truly loves me (and it's painfully obvious to anyone around that he does...which is SO cool!), a successful marriage, and a happy home life. I can pretty much guarantee that if I did have the cool career, these are the things that I'd be longing for & wishing I had. The grass is always greener, eh?

I am bummed that I missed out on meeting Aidan at the World Wide Knit In Public Day in Chicago, though. Personally, I love to knit in public, and do it as often as I can. You can elicit some really strange looks from people that way. Most recently, I knit at a vintage baseball game, in the rain, no less (fortunately, we were under a park shelter, so my sock didn't get wet, but it sure was humid! Made the needles feel sticky.). I figured since they're playing by 1859 rules & everyone's in (semi) period attire, me & my sock knitting should fit in just fine. Eldest Boy was pleased, too, because it's *his* sock that I'm working on right now. I promised myself that I'd finish his socks (top down, basic stockinette with heel flap) before I'd allow myself to cast on any more socks and/or boy items. I've actually had these socks on the needles for a month or two now, and I feel awful for it. I don't generally mind letting a WIP languish, except that he's so excited about them, and gets these big hopeful eyes every time I sit down to knit. I'm determined to finish them this week, mostly so I can make him happy, but also so I can cast on a couple more pairs of socks. I'm such a junkie. Anyway, I'm dying to try Wendy's Toe Up socks, from Wendy Knits, and I'm also just giddy with excitement over receiving Sensational Knitted Socks, and can't WAIT to pick a pair to work on from there. There's literally hundreds of options, once you take into account all the pattern variations, and the fact that she works each pattern on 4 dpns, 5 dpns, AND 2 circs. I mean, dayum! How can I choose??

I'd also like to cast on for a boy sweater sometime soon, too. I've got everything I need, but again, I promised myself I'd finish the socks first. I like to have a nice variety of things on the needles, so I can work on complicated things when I've got time, and simpler things when I'm watching a really interesting movie, etc. I've got the pattern all picked out--just a very simple rollneck sweater, but one that promises to look really cute on my weasels. My only concern is even if I make it huge right now, will they have grown out of it already by fall? They're such stretchy little people...Boy the Younger has recently had a bizarre arm growing incident that has me thoroughly baffled. He tried on a long sleeved shirt from last fall, and while the body of the shirt fits just fine, the sleeves are about 3/4 of the length down his arms now. HOW can just his arms grow?? He doesn't look like a disproportionate gorilla or anything...what the heck happened there?! I know the shirt didn't shrink somehow, either, because we tried on three or four, all with the same effect. Sheesh. So yeah, I'm a bit nervous about knitting sweaters for those two.

Speaking of knitting shirt-like garments, I did finish my Picovoli!! I didn't get to wear it to the reunion, but that's okay, because it was surprisingly cold & rainy that day. It's not yet blocked, but it is finished otherwise. Blocking will involve setting up my ironing board in my kitchen, which is a big 'ol in-my-way pain in the rear, so I've been sort of putting it off a bit. I really do want to get on that, though, so I can wear the darn thing in public. It's SO snug right now! I've heard good things about blocking this particular shirt, though, so I'm hopeful. Sadly, I'm completely picture-less today, but I hope to remedy that soon.

Other things that I need to take pictures of--my One Skein Secret Pal sent me the most GORGEOUS skein of Malabrigo!!! The color is called Hollyhock, and it's absolutely beautiful...shades of violet & purple that almost glow. I'm going to have a tough time deciding what to make with it. I suspect I'll spend a good deal of time just petting it for a while. Malabrigo is just the softest thing EVER, imo. Thanks, OSH!!!

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Jamie said...

Good for you for going! Mine is in October...and I'm wimping out and staying home. But I have a good excuse since I'll be 8 months pregnant and it's a 7 hour drive. Should I even ask what year it was for you? Maybe not...then I'll really feel old! :o)