Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Stitch markers for swap, part two

A couple more photos of stitch markers available... (For more information on the swapping of the stitch markers, refer to the original post down below this one.)

Top row, starting at the left--These first two are honey/topaz colored sets, very warm & pretty. The next two are very much like the amber/tiger's eye sets in the previous post. The fifth set in the top row is a mix of translucent & opaque blues--very nice! The second row begins with two colorful sets that remind me of aliens. The beads have tiny little bumps on them--very cute, but rather alien-y. Or maybe I'm just weird. The middle set in the second row is light blue & pink, variegated like polished gemstones. Next is a pretty blue set with tiny silver accents, and the last set is a red, blue & green & crystal set with beautiful swirls of colorswapped. In the bottom row, we have first another colorful alien set, then a GORGEOUS pink/crystal set (the large bottom beads have tiny roses painted inside them--how cool is that?!), and finally threetwo colorful sets with a sparkly gold accent swirl. The top two rows of this picture are the bottom two rows of the last. The bottom row here starts with a green/crystal set with blue accents. Next is a pretty translucent blue set swapped, then a pink/opaque crystal set, another lovely blue set with blue flowers & butterflies, and finally a green/crystal set with red accents. The first & last ones are personal favorites of Eldest Boy, who picked the beads out himself.

Let the swapping begin!

Rubber kitty not included.


Mary said...

your cats have such unique markings - are they a particular breed? like the stitch markers, too

Anonymous said...

I agree Heather (CC) your baby has the most beautifulist markings looks like a baby big kittle.

Anonymous said...

Those markers are so pretty!

Janey said...

Those hind feet are the BIGGEST hind feet I have ever seen.
("Rubber kitty" is only one cat, right?)