Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Stitch markers for swap!

Up for swap--billions and billions of stitch markers! I started making a set or two for my secret pals, and then I figured I oughta use up the leftovers, and then things really got out of hand. Heh. These are all hand crafted by moi, and each set has five stitch markers included. Each set is unique, uses only glass beads (don't much care for plastic), and each set is valued at roughly $10 (US currency, and I honestly have no clue what that's worth anywhere else in the world). Some sets are identical, some are fraternal, and some even have one that's just different enough from the others to be a great end-of-round marker. Each set also comes packaged in a cute little organza drawstring bag (not pictured). And, because I'm cool like that, I'm more than happy to ship directly to your Secret Pal, with a note in the package & everything. Yay!

I'd love to swap for all kinds of yarn, especially sock yarns (Socks That Rock, Lorna's Laces, Mountain Colors, Koigu KPPPM, etc. etc.), knitting books, or make a suggestion! Just leave a comment & we'll see what we can do! First come first served, of course, since each set is unique. I'll do my best to update this post regularly, too.

And on to the sparkly little jewels themselves...

From left to right, top to bottom--The top four are very similar sets, and I really wish my camera could show you just how beautiful they are! These are probably my favorites, as they're a very warm, amber/tiger's eye color, and have tiny flecks of gold & green in them. Just beautiful! The second row starts with a funky multicolored set, followed by a sparkly pink set, a pink/crystal/purple set swapped, and a pink/crystal set with tiny silver flowers. The bottom row has two sets of very bright, happy stitch markers, with neato little polka dots all over. Up next, we have a gorgeous blue & bottle green set, with gold embellishments (the beads are beautifully painted with gold swirlys & tiny pink accents--just beautiful!), a cobalt blue set, and two more amber/tiger's eye sets. Second row holds a lovely red/crystal set, a stunning red/white/black set, and two very colorful sets that remind me of fruity frozen cocktails. Bottom row starts with two colorful sets with tiny silver butterflies, and two pretty dark red/silvery black (like malachite) sets. The top two rows of this photo are the bottom two rows of the last, but the bottom row starts out with a pretty purple/crystal set with tiny silver dragonflies, a purple set, and then two more of the dark red/malachite sets.

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