Thursday, June 29, 2006

In a funk

Not of the George Clinton variety, however. I've just been terribly down lately, and I'm getting tired of it. I'm one of those people who is totally understanding when others have this problem, but I have absolutely no patience for my own frailties. Bleah. The dishes haven't been done, the laundry is piling up, there are tumbleweeds in the corners in the kitchen, I haven't baked anything in ages, and I'm tired all the time. Food doesn't even taste right, which is really irritating. I've been skipping meals, though not necessarily on purpose, because nothing sounds good, and when I do make myself eat something, nothing tastes good either. One would hope that this would help me on the whole weight loss thing, which would be a major bonus & darn near worth the crappy attitude, but sadly, it's not to be. I even blew off cleaning the cat box for nearly a week, and let me tell you just how dangerous THAT can be. It's like a kitty version of Russian Roulette. (Gotta love my Stripes, though...she never did a thing to chastise me for it. Or at least if she did, she hid it so well that I still haven't found it yet...eeg...)

Anyway, suffice to say that I'm not feeling myself lately, and I'm fed up with it. In perkier news, however, my much adored SP8 sent the most lovely thinking-of-you gift a while back--a cute little notebook (I truly do have a weakness for such things, which would make a bit more sense if I wrote more, but hey, we cannot control our loves) & an awesome lotion bar in a tin. The lotion bar is wonderful--it smells incredible, and is the *perfect* size for popping into my knitting bag. I tend to have dry skin, especially if I've been working a lot, and I hate the way my hands feel on my knitting when they get that way. A couple rubs with this lotion bar, and I'm good to go! Thanks so much, SP8!! Oh yeah, and she also sent a kickass postcard that says "Friends Don't Let Friends Knit Drunk". Major wisdom right there, my friends. I *have* knit while drinking (though never fully drunk...I don't drink enough to get that far), and lemme tell ya, the stitches, they do get wonky.

And speaking of drinking, and my lovely SP8, I hereby present the very simple, yet damn tasty, aforementioned Apple Martini recipe. Shake equal parts green apple vodka & green apple Pucker (stupid name, tasty liquor) with a splash of Sweet & Sour mix & cracked ice in a cocktail shaker. Strain into giant freaking martini glass, add a maraschino cherry, sip, and holler "dayum, that's good likker!". Or, of course, you could always just be like my not-so-much-a-drinker-yet-still-Irish husband & forego the booze & just eat the stupid cherries. He's a little weird sometimes.

Before I go attempt to tackle the huge pile o' laundry, monster stack of dishes, and vacuum up an entire colony of dustbunnies, I leave you with this parting shot. We've been getting a ton of rain around here, which seems like a pain in the arse, until you remember that last year at this time we were dealing with such an awful drought that half our farmers couldn't even break even for the year (and then you sorta shut up & qwitcherbitchin). It's really slowed down the playground time for the boys, and the lack of sunshine is hard on me, but sometimes, it's all worth it in the end.... Well, there WAS going to be a pretty shot of the view from my living room window, with stormy clouds & gorgeous lighting & a pretty rainbow, but NO, Blogger REFUSES to freaking post it! Omg, I'm really getting irritated with this! I try to upload the picture, and it even goes so far as to show me the blue "done" button, but no picture ever appears!! Grrrrrrrrrr!!!


Shanelle said...

Since my dad started his new business (a lawn & garden store), I never, ever complain about icky weather. Rain means he sells lots of mowers. Snow = snowblowers. Ice = generators. Wind = chainsaws. In short, bad weather is good for business. ;-)

Sorry to hear about your funk, though. It's a Catch-22... something as simple as a tidy house can do so much to improve your state of mind, but because of your state of mind, you can't be arsed to do the tidying. Here's hoping you can pull out of it soon.

Jamie said...

Sorry to hear you are in a funk. I fight funkiness quite a bit and sometimes it isn't easy. Knowing you, you'll dig into housework and 72 other projects and be so busy you won't have time to funk. Have you been working at all on your soaps and lotions lately? Hope the sun shines through and brightens your mood. :o)

SP8 said...

YUM! Sounds like the perfect lazy-4th-of-July drink. May have to get me some...

Maybe it'll cheer you up to know I have something VERY VERY special in the works for you....I know I haven't been in contact much the past coupla weeks (crazy busy here), but I haven't forgotten you. I'm hatching up a plan (and set it into motion) to fulfill another wishlist item for ya...

Hang in there!!!
Your SP8

KathyMarie said...

Funks are no fun. I'm sorry I haven't been Miss Around-To-Commiserate lately. Want to go for a walk all kinds of early tomorrow (Friday) morning? or Saturday around 5pm?

Or we could just eat chocolates.