Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The addiction groweth

I'm nearing completion of the Kitty Pi. Knitting, once I got the hang of it, has become remarkably rewarding to do. In fact, I even picked up some loud & obnoxious self-striping sock yarn in Krazy Stripes, and some new dpns, so that I can try my hand at socks sometime soon. Yowza.

Meanwhile, I'm really excited about teaching myself all the ins & outs of knitting, like increasing & circular knitting & splicing two skeins of wool together (which is SO cool!). Progress was hampered somewhat by the Migraine from Hell on Sunday night (that lasted through most all of Monday, too), but I'm still very pleased with the whole thing.


Kerrie said...

Woo hoo! You go girl! Are you doing circular on the double points or did you get a circular needle too?
I can't wait to see the kitty digs! Will this be your first FO? (Finished Object - LOL). :-D

Migraines suck, hope they don't strike too often. And hey, now that my fabric organisation is nearly complete I might just jump in on those olympics. I've been needing motivation to make another pair of socks, knitting with that fuzzy stuff is a pita though... :-P

KathyMarie said...

(test comment... shhh! ...trying to see if Ziggy shows up)

Heather said...

Kerrie, I started out on the three dpns, and then when they made me increase for the fiftieth (okay, the third) time, I switched to the circs. I LOVE circular knitting! It goes so fast! Yeah, this'll be my first finished object EVER in knitting. I'm so excited! It's hard to tell what it'll look like right now, too...it mostly looks like a deflated mushroom cap.

Oooooh, you should definitely get in on the Olympic bandwagon! It's downright freaky how many nuts like us there are out there...

I see Ziggy!