Friday, January 13, 2006

Oh, crap

I've always been fairly particular about language in front of my children. Apparently, however, I've missed a phrase or two...

My sweet, innocent four year old is playing a game, and was apparently losing. Usually, he says "rats" or "oh, man!". After recent repeated viewings of Harry Potter, however, that has clearly changed. What did my darling little baby-faced boy say just now?

"Bloody hell!"


Kerrie said...

Oh, *ahem* my, for Chloe I think "bloody hell" came shortly after "dada".


It's quite alright though, you do realise most americans don't realise it's actually swearing, and when said in a proper accent they generally even find it charming.


KathyMarie said...

Although you may be traumatized, and I do sympathize (kind of... being sans baby makes it hard), I find the thought of your youngest saying "bloody hell" to be the most adorable thing ever!

Does it sound like "bwoody hew"? Because then I'd just die of cute.

Jamie said...

Oh my...were you able to keep a straight face? Although I'd probably fall over if Ida muttered the words...while reading your blog, it sounds quite endearing!