Saturday, January 21, 2006

Because, really, I simply don't have enough to do

I must be completely out of my mind. I have at least half a dozen UFOs*, another half dozen WIPs, and a list of things I want to make a mile long (no kidding!). I'm also in the Knitting Olympics, which means I'll be starting yet another project as soon as the Olympics start (though honestly, I have no idea when that is...sometime in early February, maybe?). And, of course, we'll not even mention all the millions of non-needlework things I have to do...housework &cooking & childrearing & all that rot. Regardless, against my better judgement, I started yet ANOTHER project last night--the Kitty Pi. Not only does this look like something that Crazy Kitty would just love, but it's a great opportunity for me to work on several aspects of knitting that I thus far have no experience with. Also, if I foob it up too much, it won't matter...the cat can smash herself into most anything, regardless of size or fit. I'm using Lamb's Pride bulky weight wool in Chocolate Souffle, a lovely deep shade of brown. I'm a sucker for fat needles & fast knits, so I'm using size 13 dpns*, and lemme tell ya, they're weird to get used to! I think I've about gotten the dpn thing down, but I've never increased or decreased before, so this oughta be interesting. I'll post pics when I'm done, assuming I finish this thing anytime soon.

Oh, cool side note...the Kitty Pi needs to be blocked on something round, and of the correct size. One lady had posted a picture of her kitty pi blocking on an upside down garbage can, and that's just brilliant, but I don't have any nice clean garbage cans like that. It suddenly struck me last night...dh's drums are the PERFECT size & shape! I'll have to wrap them well with plastic & a towel to keep them from getting wet, but how cool is that? I've got tons of sizes to choose from, and they're fairly portable (thus keeping them out of the main route of traffic through the house). I'm really looking forward to trying my hand at felting, too. Yay!

*UFO=UnFinishedObject, the bane of my existence. WIP=Work In Progress, or that which I am actively working on, in various stages of completedness. Yes, that is a word. So says I. Dpn=double pointed needles, used for working small rounds, like socks or hats or dopey kitty beds.

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Jamie said...

Wonder if my neurotic cats would sleep in it or be afraid of it???

I have a question for you. Have you ever looked at Knitting/Crocheting for Dummies? The title fits ME perfectly. Or do you recommend another title? I am so clueless and really learn best when instructed, so I'm not sure this would work, but it's worth a try. Plus I told Tom if he bought me the book, then I would feel guilty if I didn't try. So maybe it will be my Valentine's present:o)