Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Edited for clarity

Okay, in the interest of clarity & honesty, I must amend my entry into the Olympics. Originally, I'd signed up to make a ribbed scarf, which was to be my First Project Ever, but unfortunately, my impatient nature just couldn't wait till February to start knitting (as evidenced by the kitty pi). My entry will still be the ribbed scarf, and I'm obviously waiting on that one till the Olympics start, but can't dangle all this interesting knitting information in front of me and not expect me to make something with it!

Speaking of the kitty pi, it's coming along quite nicely. It's still on the circs, so it looks more like a large, deflated mushroom cap than any sort of a comfy bed, but I'm hopefull. I've got about 15 more rows to complete before bindoff, and I hope to felt it on Friday (I hate having to wait till I can afford to run the washing machine! Laundromats suck.). The intended contents of the kitty pi is doing her best to assist, and by assist I mean park her furry bum right smack in the middle of everything as often as possible.


KathyMarie said...

You're so cute in your little stitching corner!

And honestly, at first I thought Tipsy was a ball of yarn on your lap. She's that floppy.

Jamie said...

I love your knitting nook! What a great little getaway you've created. Guess what I'm off to attempt......

Kerrie said...

Aww!! That is the GREATEST photo!!
You're going to have a *blast* making the socks!