Monday, January 09, 2006

It makes sense!!!

Hallefreakinlujah!!! It's about darn time... I finally picked up my knitting needles after a rather long, and much needed, hiatus over the holidays. The ribbed scarf that was *supposed* to be for my mom for Christmas languished in a basket all this time, waiting for me to figure out just what the hell was wrong with me (I'm not a stupid girl, so WHY was knitting melting my brain?!). I finally ripped the scarf this week, wound everything back onto the ball, and vowed to start over from scratch, practicing a good deal before attempting any sort of project again. Well, yay for me...I made another attempt at the knit stitch the other day, and am very pleased to say that it FINALLY makes sense! I'm doing it correctly & everything! And, as it turns out, I prefer the English style to the Continental, and I wonder if that didn't have something to do with my ineptitude before. I've spent a good part of my day knitting today, which is wonderful, and while I have no actual object to show for it, the pink rectangle of garter is just wonderfully uniform, and that makes me happy.

I realize that it's been a while since I've posted, and there's much updating post-holiday to do, but I'll save that for another time. As for right now, the knitting needles await. :)


KathyMarie said...

And now that you have knit down cold, keep plugging away at the purl.

That's your homework. Turn it in on my desk in a week.

Aerosmith/Shanelle said...

It wouldn't surprise me at all that knitting Continental was what was giving you conniptions. I've tried to knit Continental a few times and it looks like a monkey knitted with its feet. I hates it.

Congratulations on figuring it out! :-)

Anna said...

Welcome back to blogtown. Glad to hear you ripped the scarf and started again. Knit those knits and purl those purls.

Kerrie said...

Yes, I'm convinced that you absolutely *have* to be an 80 year old Italian grandma to have any competency in continental!
Gosh darnit I wish it weren't so though, those grannies FLY when they knit as opposed to my plodding pace. :-P