Friday, January 20, 2006

Let the geeks begin

Okay, so I am quite possibly the LEAST athletic person I know, but this is an event I can handle! I've officially joined the Knitting Olympics, thanks to the evil lures of the Yarn Harlot. Basically, it's a personal challenge type thing, where everybody picks a project that would be reasonably attainable, but still a challenge, to complete during the Winter Olympics. That gives us sixteen days to fully created any knitted object, which for many folks, is no big deal, but frankly, I've not actually completed ANY project EVER, so it's a heckuva thing to me. The project I have chosen is the ribbed scarf that I *tried* to make for my mom for Christmas. It's been fully frogged, and is now sitting in a peaceful green ball in my knitting basket. You aren't allowed to cast on until the games officially start, though, so in the meantime, I'm practicing my knit & purl stitches on the pink rectangle of doom. Remember, I'm a brand spanking new knitter, so no laughing!
I started working the knit stitch from the bottom, and you can see where I switched to purl...for some reason, I have a hard time keeping my tension accurate in the purl stitch. Anyway, after arguing with purl for a few inches, I switched to stockinette, which is very satisfying, in a dopey sort of way. ("Look honey, it's like a real sweater!")
Closeup of the loose, floppy purl, and the pretty little knit V's hiding in the shadows. Someday I'll get the whole lighting thing right. Anyway, that's my little pink rectangle of doom training/practice. I'll be working on it some more this evening, as we've got quite the snarly-looking cold/snow front coming through, and honestly, what better way to spend wintery days than knitting?


Jamie said...

You're lucky you don't live close by. I'd be begging you for lessons. You're just one of those inspirational people...who make the rest of us want to be as creative and talented as you are!

Heather said...

Aww, geez, Jamie...I WISH you lived close by! I'd be thrilled to teach you! You'd certainly like it here today...I woke up to four or five inches of snow on the ground, & not a cloud in the sky...perfect weather for making snowmen. ;)