Monday, January 30, 2006

Life Is Good

Well, I've had a productive weekend! On Friday, I felted the kitty pi, and blocked it on my husband's djembe from the Ivory Coast. Of course, I wrapped the djembe in plastic & a towel first, so it was completely protected, but it turned out to be the perfect size. It dried remarkably quickly (I suppose that's saying something about how bloody dry the air in my apartment is), and Crazy Kitty loved it immediately. I'm really pleased with the Kitty Pi, though it is a bit of a deep-dish. Maybe I should get a second kitty to help fill it up...

Friday afternoon, I got to hang out at our local yarn shop with a great group of knit geeks & yarn addicts. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and the light filtering through the windows onto the yarn was just beautiful. While I was there, I managed to cast on, knit, and actually complete my second knitted project! I made a super-teeny hat out of Katia Nordic, in black, on circs & dpns. Everyone at the shop SWORE that it'd stretch & be just fine, but omg, it's way too teeny for any of the large-headed types in my family. I'm holding it on my fist in this photo...that's how little it is. The brim rolled up a bit more, so it looks more normal, and less conehead-like now. It sure would look cute on a baby, though. The husband doesn't understand the logic behind having another baby to fill up a little bitty hat, so it will be shipped off to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, where there are already babies premade & ready for little hats. Convenient, no?

In other awesome news, I'll be making a family jaunt to the yarn store tomorrow (yay!). Dh has an unusually good sense of color & style, and I'd like his opinion on some different yarns before I make any more new-project plans. Also, they're having a great sale soon, so one must be prepared, of course. My six year old son is very excited about the yarn store, because he REALLY wants me to make a hat for him, after viewing the teeny baby hat. The eldest wants a blue one, the youngest has requested a purple one...except the purple hat over a navy & yellow coat might look a bit odd, so we'll see if we can't steer the little booger towards some more agreeable colors. I gotta tell ya, it is SO COOL that my sons are excited about spending time in a yarn store! I imagine the four year old's patience will wear thin rather quickly, but hey, it's the thought that counts. Even cooler than all that, though, is six year old son asked me to teach him how to crochet & knit. How awesome is that?! I told him we'd start with crochet (easier for a little guy to pick up, I think), and he already has plans for some little pink scarves for his stuffed animals. I can hardly wait! He's soooo excited about it, too...he's been talking about it ever since he woke up this morning.

My kids are awesome.


KathyMarie said...

Oh my goodness, the picture of Tipsy in her kittybed is so freaking adorable I might just topple over from cute.


Block the black hat. It will stretch like Stretch Armstrong. (You know.)

Heather said...

I tried cramming it on my youngest son's head (ostensibly the smallest head in the house...the cat didn't want to wear the hat), but it pulled his little eyebrows up & made him squawk.

Kerrie said...

Oooh, that cat is too adorable!! That thing looks AWESOME!!

I bet your little guy was cute squawking with his Spock-like eyebrows... but somehow I think the reservation babies will appreciate it a little more, I used to love knitting the little preemie caps, do they need those too?
You can get the little guys working on them! :D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Heather! Kitty looks very happy with her new bed. ~ Snickle

Wendy said...

Your kitty in the kitty pi is adorable! I'm betting she likes it as a "deep dish" pie!