Friday, January 13, 2006

"Meme" is a bizarre word

But anyway... I've been tagged by Kathy with a meme, which is completely new to me. Apparently, they're weird little listy things that go around the net from blog to blog, kind of like a cold, but with no vaccinations. Frankly, I love 'em. But y'all already knew I've got a dork streak a mile wide, so no surprises there.

Seven things to do before I die...
1. Visit Ireland & England
2. Take the weasels & the hubby to Disneyworld
3. Get a dog
4. Knit a sweater that actually fits well
5. Take the hubby to Arizona
6. Own a little house in the country
7. Learn to bake bread compentently

Seven things I can't do...
1. Swim (no, really!)
2. Go braless
3. Play the drums
4. Speak Aramaic
5. Reach the wine glasses in the cupboard without standing on a stool
6. Wear a bikini in public
7. Stand up to pedal on a bike

Seven things that attract me to...
1. sweetie...his wonderful, if seriously warped, sense of humor
2. ...books...the ability to go anywhere in the world, or even farther, without spending a bloody fortune
3. crazy kitty...her infinite patience with my children, and the amazing calming effect she has on me when she purrs
4. ...knitting & crocheting...the idea of creating something with my own two hands that will last, and keep my loved ones warm
5. ...the country...the solitude, and the smell of fresh, green corn in the fields can't be beat
6. peanut butter fudge...omg, it's bloody addictive! Killer easy to make doesn't hurt, either
7. adorable little boys...their wide-eyed innocence & trust. They are so completely guileless, and it's incredibly refreshing in an often cynical & jaded world.

Seven things I say most often...
1. Oy vey.
2. No, we do not have any pizza!
3. Poopie!
4. I love you, my sweetie (um, to my sweetie, obviously, about a million times a day).
5. Freaking cat!
6. You have to have at least two bites of everything on your plate...
7. I love you, my guys (to my cutie boys, who started the wierd "my guys" thing years ago. It's really adorable.)

Seven books I love...
1. Mental Floss Presents: Condensed Knowledge
2. Mental Floss Presents: Forbidden Knowledge
3. Mary Thomas' Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches
4. Animal Farm, by George Orwell
5. More of a series than a single book, but the Diane Mott Davidson books
6. Again, more of an author in general than any one single book--Ann Rule books
7. The Fannie Farmer Baking Book

Seven movies I watch(ed) again & again...
1. Road To Perdition
2. Shawshank Redemption
3. Indiana Jones Trilogy
4. Chicago
5. Ghostbusters
6. The Green Mile
7. Muppets Christmas Carol

Memes are more fun than they ought to be. I hereby tag Brandie and Shanelle. So there.


Jamie said...

OH OH OH! I am so glad I stumbled across your blog. How I love to read your writing and updates on your life. I've been missing your posts. YAY!

KathyMarie said...

You can't speak Aramaic?

Heather said...

Hey Jamie! Glad you found me! :)

Sadly, Kathy, I must've slept through my Aramaic class in high school. 'Tis one of my many regrets.