Friday, January 27, 2006

Yay! Finis!

Finally!!! The Kitty Pi is complete! Well, not completely complete, as it still needs to be felted & blocked, but I'm done knitting on it. I'm really quite pleased. Even Crazy Kitty approves.

Keep in mind, this is pre-felting, so it's really floppy (like the cat) & really huge. I'm quite pleased with the overall results, though, and I'm even more pleased that I managed to do it properly. Here's hoping I don't kill it in the wash.

The big question now is what to make next? The ribbed scarf must wait till the Olympics start, which is still a couple weeks away, and lord knows we can't just sit around projectless until then. So many options...the super-bright socks, the malabrigo hat, the baby grande alpaca anything...what to do? I'd like to pick a pattern yet this morning, too, because I'm meeting with a gaggle of other addicts this afternoon for a little stitch & bitch time at the local yarn store. The idea of going to a stitch & bitch at a yarn store with no project in hands is just scary...if I don't have something else to focus on, I'll wind up spending our rent money on yarn for God only knows what super-ambitious project I'd find there. No, we must go prepared, lest our husbands decide that we can't be trusted in yarn stores unsupervised anymore.

In addition to the stitch & bitch this afternoon, I also have a big honkin' load of laundry to do (as well as the kitty pi!), groceries to get, and dishes to do. Not to mention figure out something for dinner for my family. Busy day ahead...suppose I should get started (though I'd much rather just knit!).


KathyMarie said...

It looks fantastic! And already well-loved by Kitty.

Friday was excellent. Did you find another project--after completing a hat in a few hours, congrats!--to keep you busy?

PS. My word verification is "oagyrg" which effectively describes me in the mornings.

Kerrie said...

Yeah!! You finished it! I can't wait to see how it comes out after the felting!! :D